Mission Mongolia: An Opportunity For Growth

People in Mongolia are open to Christianity, according to Australian Seventh-day Adventist Pastor Graeme Christian. Out of a population of 2.5 million, there are only 400 Adventists in Mongolia today. And this small number of Adventists has only come about...

People in Mongolia are open to Christianity, according to Australian Seventh-day Adventist Pastor Graeme Christian.

Out of a population of 2.5 million, there are only 400 Adventists in Mongolia today. And this small number of Adventists has only come about in the last several years. It is for the reason of establishing a supportive relationship with Seventh-day Adventist believers in Australia that the Australian church is partnering with the growing Adventist faith community in Mongolia. They call it a "Mission Mongolia" project.

The goal of the initiative is to establish a supportive cooperation between the two church communities: in Australia--which has a membership of more than 50,000--and in Mongolia, a traditionally nomadic country that had no Adventist presence until 1993.

The church in Mongolia is young--not just in years in existence, but in age of members. Young people from Australia will work as missionaries in eight Mongolian towns where evangelistic programs will be held in partnership between the Australian Union Conference, or region, and the Mongolia Mission of the church.

"Mongolia is a land of opportunity, a place where the message of the soon return of Jesus is basically unknown," says Graeme Christian, ministerial secretary for the Australian Union Conference and Mission Mongolia project coordinator. "Under Communism every religion was outlawed, so people basically have no understanding of God. Yet they are open and interested in learning."

At this stage in the project the church is gathering teams to send to Mongolia later this year. "We are receiving a good response from our ministers and laity in Australia," Christian says. "We have produced a [presentation packet] outlining the dream and the strategy, and this is being used around Australia to communicate with church [members]."

There are many ways, other than evangelism, of supporting the project. "Many needs provide many opportunities," Christian says. He believes that Australian Adventists can help in many ways. They can build churches, train missionaries, health professionals can provide health checks and lectures, provide music, and youth teams can help nurture and encourage Mongolian youth leadership, as the church in Mongolia is entirely led by young people.

"We want to help the church in Mongolia to grow and become well established," says Chester Stanley, president of the Australia Union Conference who recently visited Mongolia. "With only 400 members in the country, the need for support is urgent."

"I believe Adventists in Australia are eager to make a difference--to have a significant part in the spread of the gospel, and be part of pioneering work in new areas," Christian says. "Mission Mongolia enables churches in Australia to take on their own project and see it through to completion to make a kingdom difference in the lives of the Mongolian people."
Ulaanbaatar Mongolia,
Kellie Hancock/ANN
Source:Adventist News Network

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  1. I did notice that you say : "god opportunity for Mongolia to grow to cristianity"
    Myself I do not accept christiniaty and it´t hipocrisy and you will se why.
    1st. of all christianity origine is based on -abel´s- ofering which was very well accepted by a god of it´s time and dislike the offering of Cain which made him mad that killed his brother.
    The offering of -abel- was a lamb which represents your jesus because of this acceptance the blood shed never stoped by slaughtering animals and people as you know in old testament and you withess this day to you what happen in 3th world countries such as Mexico where I am right now.
    It is true that this people has to be sacrificied for there sines but do not make me happie at all, blood shed and bolld sacrifice is not the answer.
    The answer is the offering of Noble Cain, Why I do call him Noble, it is simple because in his offering was the repentance of his mother and father Adam and Eva that wont bring so much sacrificial blood ever since ( do you remember the sanctuary in the wilderness in which all service was made based on blood.
    Even GOD Hinself did not like it and I am going to explain to you why, did you remember when the Egyptiens instigated Israel while GOD was just about to theach them that has to eat Genesis 1:29 and the instigation was brought by Egyptiens scriming : "give to us carne" just opposite to Gen. 1:29.
    The hanger of GOD was high because put the test bud in the mouth of Israel and they join the Egyptions screeming just the same and GOD in that moment has promised to them : "you shall not eat meat 1, 2, 3 days but how many 30 days"
    And GOD cought the quails and they were eating just opposit to Gen 1:29 and the report say : "while they were with the meat in there mouth they were dieing" isin´t it so ¿
    Well that was blood shed of killing the quails because the Egyptians represented the Devil and brought the test bud in there mouth for GOD is very concient of the work which followed at the Sanctuary with blood all they long, so what makes you to commit sin is the sacrificial food or the one which take advantage such as milk and it´s derivates, eggs, honey, wine and brandy, drugs and letargy.
    Last year I was in Toronto Canada just about this time of the year and in front of Eton Centre were anty sacrifice activists with pictures of skined cows heads and protesting about, that was good.
    Because of jesus sacrifice that´s the abatoars around the planet are open for "daly sacrifice" did you got the message¿ that´s the reason you got so much sin because this meat is ingested by the people and insted to go in The Garden of Eden they go to hospitals and clinics of various prophiles and pharmacies.
    So the planet become a jungle or as the Bible call it Babylon.
    jesus sacrifice is a false fixation for the offering that -abel- give to god but if it was accepted the offering of Cain it wouldent exist so much crueality over the animals and people, because in the spirit of prophecy some one say which was GOD of it´s time : "the man and the woman were happy in The Garden" and why just because they did not touch the forbiden fruit to ingest and to give to each other : "and by the time the meat was in there mouth, they were dieing" just few thousnds years after¿ or right on the begining as the result of disobidience.
    Just baptizing people it do not means they are saved or go back to The Garden, it is a huge challange for some and very easy for others Dan 12:10.
    If you want to get in touch with me : riodejaneiro.lucian@gmail.com


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