Musings of a Mongolian woman:Is Mongolia a trash bin?

Is Mongolian economy and society becoming a trash bin for foreigners? In last few years, the illegal immigrants, workers from China and other countries seem to be increasing substantially. It is estimated that 100-200 thousand Chinese illegal workers inhabit in Ulaanbaatar city. There are no accurate estimates for illegal residents in Mongolia. It is obvious that most of whoever comes here to reside are not rich and successful business people or talented and highly educated employees. Why would successful one want to work in Mongolia, where Mongolians themselves are reaching for UK or USA to work abroad? Sure, we do pay more to foreign specialists than to Mongolian professionals. However, these types of expats are sourced and invited to work in Mongolia. What about who voluntarily come to Mongolia?

There is logical report that Korean and Chinese business people that come to Mongolia are not successful in their home country. Usually they get low interest rate loans from Korean/Chinese banks and come here to set up their business. You can see Korean and Chinese restaurants and shops flourishing all over UB. I even would not want to start talking about Chinese construction workers that roam UB like cockroaches. Disgusting!

Are these businesses, workers helping Mongolian economy? I guess not, as the money pours into foreign businesses, and it is in turn bounces back to Korean/Chinese market through import of goods and services. Are these unqualified foreign workers bringing any value to our society and culture? I don’t think so! Foreign males, which are unwanted at their home, are using vulnerable Mongolian girls (however, I blame those girls too, for seeking easy money!)!

So, what can we ordinary citizens do? Try to purchase goods and services that are domestic and shave the hair off from those foolish girls? I think the main duty lies in the government. It should build policies that are domestic production benign, aids and supports domestic consumers, and also tighter residency and immigration policies are urgently needed.

The Government and the whole state now are in kind of recess for anticipation of upcoming elections. Jeez! They are in no state of bringing up policies, if this government could not do it, will the next one be able to do? Anyways, this was my brief thought, that usually comes and goes in my brain, J

So, my ultimate question is:

Is Mongolia a trash bin for unqualified, undeveloped foreign workers?

Don’t we deserve better?

By Tuya


  1. I agree totally. Our politicians must put strict prohibition on importing labor force from abroad unless its high qualified professionals. Also need to welcome those who are willing to invest in major fields of the economy, mainly production, not trading, as all trading incomes circulation feeds their home country traders, but not Mongolia, taxes they pay to the Mongolian government too miserable, and would never benefit neighter our citizens, not our economy.

  2. - If we do not want Chinese & Korean restaurants flourishing, simple solution not to eat there. Eventually law of economics will force them out of business
    - About construction workers – we do not have qualified technical construction people. Government does not have any program set for unemployed people to be retrained for the fields that needed. Secondly, it is clear that those Chinese construction employees much cheaper then Mongolians. First of all they do not still, they do not come to work drunk, and they do not fight against their employers. As a business owner what would you do?
    - Girls – I use to blame them, but then we do not know their life. Maybe perhaps with the money they take form their lovers they actually feeding rest of their family. Can we blame them?

  3. Check out a church sometime that does Bible study. It's full of Mongolian women, even though the number of men is low. Why do they keep going? They know Jesus is their good shepherd. Jesus suffered a lot but didn't hurl any insults. God raised him from the dead. Have a living hope. I used to listen to punk music, did a punk radio show and played in a punk band. I had a PhD in complaining, but didn't look at my own problems and sins. If Jesus can change this sinner, then there is hope for you.


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