Policeman’s notebook shows how evidence was fabricated

Today is the second anniversary of the incidents of July 1, 2008 which ended with five deaths from police firing. Senior officials such as the head of the General Police Authority, Maj-Gen. Ch.Amarbold, the head of the Metropolitan Police Authority, Mr. O.Zorigt, the head of the Public Discipline Department, Mr. G.Ganbaatar, and the head of the Patrol Department, Mr. Sh.Batsukh, were investigated for abuse of power and causing massive damage. Policemen Ya.Khorlooryembuuchii, D.Tumurbaatar, U.Darjaa, Yu.Gantulga, A.Uuganbayar, B.Battseren and N.Ariunbold were investigated for intended murder.

After 18 months of investigation, the cases against all of them were withdrawn on February 3, 2010 under orders from Mr. Yo.Sagsai, investigating prosecutor at the Metropolitan Prosecuting Authority. The senior officials were cleared under the Amnesty Law, while the cases against the policemen were closed with the explanation that “even though they had admitted to opening fire, it cannot be ascertained who fired the fatal shots.”

New evidence has now been found that may hold the key to solving this issue. It is the notebook of a man whose identity is being kept secret. Some police officials mentioned in the notebook are here referred to as “He” or “She”. No other change has been made.


… I am writing this because vice colonel “He” came on July 3 and ordered us to tell the truth.

2008 July 2

- The directors called us to their room one by one and said we were to tell any investigator, “We were told that a blue vehicle came out extremely fast from the south to north road near the Foreign MInistry and a man holding a thermos bottle is shooting us”. Vice colonel S.Darjaa told us to carefully stick to this statement.

- Colonel Batsukh met all of us individually and asked us to say that the police shot in the air with training bullets. People shot at us. Vice Colonel S.Darjaa also supported this.

- Vice commander “He” saw vice colonel Darjaa shoot. “He” said beside “Him” that two shots were fired near tall building.

2008 July 3

- Chief Commander Mandakh talked about aiming at the legs of a man when going with vice colonel “He”. He also said that he was unsure he had hit the man, even though the man was then seen limping. He said weapons specialist chief commander Batdorj knew about this. “He” was eating lunch with “He” and “He” in the cafeteria of the division when they talked about this.

- There were several policemen of the second division standing at the entrance. One of them said, “I saw division governor/commander Batsukh shoot a child in the stomach from inside the car. He shoots well.”

- The mirror of the patrol car which Batsukh drove was broken and had a mark of a small gun. Seeing that, captain Khorlooryenbuuchii said in the presence of everyone “Why didn’t you change this mirror?”

-Chief commander Batdorj told “He”, “He” and me, “It seems that I’m going to be the guilty one for giving the bullets.”

-Vice colonel “He”: Don’t tell lies as Batsukh said. Don’t tell that you used training bullets. Batsukh went to meet director Amarbold. Thus tell the truth!

2008 July 4

- Vice commander “He” called me at home at 8.45 a.m. “We are moving. The bullets have been found and collected. Now we will say we used training bullets.”

- At 1 p.m., Vice Colonel Darjaa gave us training bullet shells and told us to secretly drop them at places where the protest had been strong. And reminded us to say we used training bullets when giving testimony. At that time vice colonel Ganbaatar of Metropolitan Police also repeated that we should say that we used training bullets and cautioned us not to say anything otherwise to prosecutors.

- Chief commander of 6th division Munkhbayar, driver Sukhbat, vice commander Ganbaatar and Batdorj had small guns on that day. They agreed not to tell anyone. Told us that people in black vehicle had opened fire on us.

- When “He” said the remaining bullets had not been found, Batsukh said it was fired. At that time UBZ 4059 blue car had its mirror changed.

- at 8.50 chief colonel “He” called and said “Come and sign the paper that you took training bullets. Then go home.”

2008 June 18

- At 23 pm vice colonel Myagmarjav and division commander Batsukh said we will be interrogated. If any of you are not sure what to say, tell us now. Your guns will be fixed.

2009 May 30

- chief commander “He” talked with “He” and arranged a meeting near Opera House. There, “He” said “He” might be called by the prosecutors. Director “He” said that the testimony given by “He” is very uncomfortable. If “He” is called by the prosecutor just tell him you did not give evidence.

The above notes were written by a policeman of sixth division of Patrol Department. It is clearly seen that the police authorities took many measures to hide the evidence. It is not clear if this note will be taken up as evidence.


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