Story on British newspaper: Mongolian neo-Nazis: Anti-Chinese sentiment fuels rise of ultra-nationalism

British newspaper "Guardian" shed a light on previously unknown Mongolian so-called Neo-nazi group " White Swastika"... It is hard to understand admiration of the group for the short Austrian corporal with moustache! The man was pure evil and worthless loser who managed to  brainwash Germans to kill millions of innocents in the name of racial purity. The corporal had somewhat deep abhorrence of everything about Asian/Mongoloid/Slav people. He speeches are full of hatred against "Asian-Mongolian-Slavic barbarism and inferiority". Hitler is a not a man to be idolized by Mongolians. We are not so-called stupid "Aryan" race with blond hair and blue eyes. We have to remember that there are stupid Neo-nazis in the West and Russia who hate us just for being Mongolian with dark hair and black eyes. We have to remember that we are Mongolians who have greater history and culture and military history than the stupid and short-lived German Third Reich. Mongolian Empire was the largest land empire in the world and then-Mongolian military commanders and soldiers are brilliant and much better than the Germans.It was Mongolians who conquered more than half of then existing world through Blitzkrieg (Lightning) campaign.  It is time for us to learn our history and restore our national pride.Great Lord Chinggis Khaan, founder of  our Mongol nation was wise and brave person and He should be the our object of admiration and worship and not the loser, worthless austrian corporal.The short man could not even father a single child?? The corporal was not a man enough?  Why read product of his sick mind-Mein Kempf? Instead, we should be reading our Mongolian books including "Mongolian secret history". The "history" clearly states " Chinggis Khaan was born with his destiny ordained by Heaven above." We, the nation founded by Chinggis Khaan is ordained by Heaven above...

No doubt that the austrian corporal would have ordered total annihilation of Mongolian race if Germans defeated Soviet Union and invaded Mongolia.The corporal considered  Slavs like blond haired and blue-eyed Polish people and Russians inferior and subhumans and then there is no doubt what he would have thought about us-Mongolians! He would have kept few of us to put in charge of his imperial herd in Mongolia and annihilated rest of Mongolians. Why worship a man who wanted us all dead and gone and disappeared!!  Imitating German brainless monkeys-Nazis is an insult to Mongolian pride and eternal glory of thousands of ethnic Mongolians who died in fight against Nazi germany. Hitler was not a good military strategist and commander. Chinggis Khaan never fought a battle if he was not sure of winning. Unlike Chinggis Khaan, short austrian attacked Soviet Union without accurate estimation of his capacity.Short austrian killed himself in the end of war. He was a coward and died like a dog....In short, nothing to be admired in this person-Hitler.It is just very unfortunate he was able to mesmerize millions of Germans into believing him as superman.

We are a nation of conquerors and brave soldiers and superior culture. We, mongols know deep down we are superior and better than many other countries and people. China is our neighbor and we can not move away from our eternal neighbor. We have to learn to live with our neighbor. The Guardian journalist did not mention about many positive developments between Mongolia and China. As usual in media practice, she made much effort to track down a previously unknown group and quote their "Big brother" leader.

There are dozens of private Chinese language schools and Chinese language is becoming very common in Mongolia. Mongolia and China both were invaded by Manchus and became part of Manchu Ching Dynasty. Both liberated in 1911 when Ching dynasty fell. There is no such thing as China (Beijing) does not recognize independence of Mongolia. China is the second country to open diplomatic mission in Mongolia after the Soviets. On the other hand, we know that Taiwan (Republic of China) still does not recognize Mongolia's independence and considers Mongolia part of Greater China. Chinese people are not enemies of Mongolian people. It is the ignorance, alcoholism, poverty, corruption and inequality within Mongolian people, short-sightedness and lack of clear vision for our country hinders our path to development. Hatred should not directed against common Chinese people. There are thousands of Mongolians who study in China and who do business with China. The story clearly designed to hurt Mongolia's relationship with China.

By Shagai

P.S. Here is full text of the Guardian story on "White Swastika" group.

Mongolian neo-Nazis: Anti-Chinese sentiment fuels rise of ultra-nationalism

Alarm sounds over rise of extreme groups such as Tsagaan Khass who respect Hitler and reject foreign influence

* Tania Branigan in Ulan Bator
*, Monday 2 August 2010 16.13 BST
Their right hands rise to black-clad chests and flash out in salute to their nation: "Sieg heil!" They praise Hitler's devotion to ethnic purity.

But with their high cheekbones, dark eyes and brown skin, they are hardly the Third Reich's Aryan ideal. A new strain of Nazism has found an unlikely home: Mongolia.

Once again, ultra-nationalists have emerged from an impoverished economy and turned upon outsiders. This time the main targets come from China, the rising power to the south.

Groups such as Tsagaan Khass, or White Swastika, portray themselves as patriots standing up for ordinary citizens in the face of foreign crime, rampant inequality, political indifference and corruption.

But critics say they scapegoat and attack the innocent. The US state department has warned travellers of increased assaults on inter-racial couples in recent years – including organised violence by ultra-nationalist groups.

Dayar Mongol threatened to shave the heads of women who sleep with Chinese men. Three years ago, the leader of Blue Mongol was convicted of murdering his daughter's boyfriend, reportedly because the young man had studied in China.

Though Tsagaan Khass leaders say they do not support violence, they are self-proclaimed Nazis. "Adolf Hitler was someone we respect. He taught us how to preserve national identity," said the 41-year-old co-founder, who calls himself Big Brother.

"We don't agree with his extremism and starting the second world war. We are against all those killings, but we support his ideology. We support nationalism rather than fascism."

It is, by any standards, an extraordinary choice. Under Hitler, Soviet prisoners of war who appeared Mongolian were singled out for execution. More recently, far-right groups in Europe have attacked Mongolian migrants.

Not all ultra-nationalists use this iconography; and widespread ignorance about the Holocaust and other atrocities may help to explain why some do.

Tsagaan Khass points out that the swastika is an ancient Asian symbol – which is true, but does not explain the group's use of Nazi colours, the Nazi eagle and the Nazi salute; or the large picture of the Führer on Big Brother's cigarette case.

Nor does it seem greatly relevant, given their unabashed admiration for Hitler's racial beliefs.

"We have to make sure that as a nation our blood is pure. That's about our independence," said 23-year-old Battur, pointing out that the population is under three million.

"If we start mixing with Chinese, they will slowly swallow us up. Mongolian society is not very rich. Foreigners come with a lot of money and might start taking our women."

Big Brother acknowledges he discovered such ideas through the nationalist groups that emerged in Russia after the Soviet Union's fall; Mongolia had been a satellite state. But the anti-Chinese tinge is distinct and increasingly popular.

"While most people feel far-right discourse is too extreme, there seems to be a consensus that China is imperialistic, 'evil' and intent on taking Mongolia," said Franck Billé of Cambridge University, who is researching representations of Chinese people in Mongolia.

Hip hop tracks such as Don't Go Too Far, You Chinks by 4 Züg – chorus: "shoot them all, all, all" – have been widely played in bars and clubs. Urban myths abound; some believe Beijing has a secret policy of encouraging men to have sex with Mongolian women.

Yet Tsagaan Khass claims it welcomes law-abiding visitors of all races, and Big Brother can certainly be hospitable.

Enthusiastically shaking hands, he says: "Even though you are a British citizen, you are still Asian, and that makes you very cool."

He says the younger members have taught him to be less extreme and the group appears to be reshaping itself – expelling "criminal elements" and insisting on a good education as a prerequisite for membership. One of the leaders is an interior designer.

But critics fear ultra-nationalists are simply becoming more sophisticated and, quietly, more powerful. Tsagaan Khass say it "works closely" with other organisations and is now discussing a merger.

"Some people are in complete denial … [but] we can no longer deny this is a problem," said Anaraa Nyamdorj, of Mongolia's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Centre.

The US state department has noted increased reports of xenophobic attacks since the spring. The UN country review cites a recent vicious assault on three young transgender women. When one of the victims publicly blamed an ultra-nationalist group – not Tsagaan Khass – death threats quickly followed.

"They are getting more support from the public," added Enkhjargal Davaasuren, director of the National Centre Against Violence, who fears that ultra-nationalists are growing more confident and victims too scared to come forward. She pointed to a YouTube video posted last year, showing a man roughly shaving a woman's long hair. The victim's face is buried in her hands, but her hunched body reeks of fear.

Others in Ulan Bator suggest the movement is waning and suspect the groups' menacing stance and claims of 3,000 members are bluster. Billé thinks there is "a lot of posturing".

"We have heard of instances [of violence]. They are not necessarily all right or all wrong," said Javkhlan, a Tsagaan Khass leader. But the group is simply a "law enforcement" body, he maintained: "We do checks; we go to hotels and restaurants to make sure Mongolian girls don't do prostitution and foreigners don't break the laws.

"We don't go through and beat the shit out of everyone. We check our information and make sure it's true."

They rely on police and media pressure to reform such businesses, he added. And if that failed? "We try to avoid using power," he said. "That would be our very last resort."


  1. First of all, I want to say that I totally agree with the author when he says that Mongolians should not look up to Hitler as their hero. It's hard to imagine anyone looking up to a person that made a point of wiping out their race. I've never heard, nor read, any redeeming qualities about Hitler, so it makes my skin crawl to know that young and ignorant Mongolians look up to a man that would kill people just because they are not like him.

    After that, I don't agree with much else this author says. I mean, if you just want to blast someone and say that they are short and stupid so many times, you should have your own blog, not be writing for a newspaper. That way, someone could make their own choice to read your opinions, not waste their money by taking up space in a newspaper that they (supposedly) pay for.

    Also, you disrespect the author of the article about Tsagaan Xas because you say she sought out the group and did a profile on them. So? What's the problem? That's what journalists do. They find a subject and spin it to their whims. I didn't see anything in her article that was not true. Besides, this atrocity that is racism in Mongolia needs to be recognised and reconciled. I run into racist, wrong-headed Mongolians everyday that hate me just because I'm not Mongolian and I'm in their country. They don't know anything about me and don't know that I'm in their country to try and help them make their country better. I'm not trying to take anything, only help and give.

    I really don't think you did much better when you turned to speculation in your own rant. Because that's all it was: rant and speculation. How do you know Hitler killed himself at the end of the war? No one, I repeat, NO ONE, knows for sure what happened to Hitler. Theories abound, and for you (who I'm betting are not a historian) to pick the one that suits your article the best and claim it as truth, is just ignorant.

    Furthermore, why would you tell someone not to read a book? I suggest you read a few more books before you write another article. There is an old saying that goes something like, "To understand your enemy is to have power over them." Now, these so-called neo-Nazis probably aren't reading Mein Kampf because they think Hitler is their enemy; but many people who consider Hitler to be their worst enemy have read his book. If you want to help Mongolians, you should promote reading amongst your people. I've been here for more than two years and I've only seen 2 Mongolians reading a book just because they want to. When Mongolians ask me why I'm reading when I'm taking a 2 hour mikro ride, I explain to them that it helps to broaden my outlook on the world and its people. They just shake their head, tell me how weird I am, and continue staring out the window, thinking whatever thoughts they are thinking - which, I'm betting, have nothing to do with how different can still be right.

    Finally, if you really want to get your point across to an English-speaking/reading audience, you should take a few more classes before you write another article that is so laden with spelling and grammar mistakes. If I wasn't already used to the way that Mongolians speak English when they barely know it, I wouldn't understand what your point is. If you understand English even better, you'd understand the original author's ideas better; and then you'd understand the reason that it's such a big deal that Mongolian's are looking up to Hitler.

    In sum, read the original article for what it is: bringing about awareness of racism and wrong-headedness that could easily spread amongst the young, uneducated Mongolians that are growing up in Mongolia today. You should be ashamed that young Mongolians boys think foreigners in Mongolia are bad, only because their older siblings told them so. You should help these youth to see people and actions, not skin colour and nationality.

  2. To:Anonymous,
    Thanks for your comment. Sorry for ranting too much and calling the man stupid and short. The site is the the outlet for us, few English speaking mongolians and it is not a newspaper which people buy. The site is set up to express our views from the point of Mongolian people. Although I have different opinion than you do, I respect and thank you for the comment.
    I will try to improve my English also.

    By Shagai

  3. @Shagai: U r as confused as those "nazis" talking about mongolian superiority?! I was in UB for some time u know... I know how mongols think, as the guy above wrote- they are confused confused confused u have no idea who u are really so u just rambling about mongolian culture, pride etc. But what do u have really that has not come from foreigners Chinese or Russians? Only ur gers and mutton maybe u would not have even vodka to drink if u didnt brought it from Europe so please...

  4. daystrom: Do you know that Mongolians actually introduced vodka to Russians? About gers and mutton, YES, we do eat mutton and live in the gers. Not like other Asians, we eat meat--PROPER meat--?!!!!
    The gers, the only made of wool and wood which is completely natural. Remember no nails contains in the gers. Mutton-lamb? How often do eat them? I am sure not often. Again REMEMBER!
    Without studying YOU CAN NOT insult and talk bad about
    one's culture and pride?!!!


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