U.Khurelsukh, shares insights into changes to MPRP’s principles

MPRP General Secretary U. Khurelsukh met with journalists to answer questions about issues that will be discussed at the party’s upcoming congress in November. Montsame reporter G. Manduul provides readers with Mr. U.Khurelsukh’s comments about the past, present and future of the MPRP, including much deliberation over a probable name change.
-What was the decision of the conference about the manifesto document?
-It is under discussion and we considered appropriate of adhering to the national democratic ideas. The MPRP when founded first was based on the ideas of the national democratic concept worked out by our great leader D.Sukhbaatar, S.Danzan and Bodoo.
This was the history, and at our meeting in Terelj the party group rightly decided to restore this concept. We released the manifesto called “Renewal, Advancement and Progress”. The members of the conference supported the discussion of the manifesto.
On the other hand, in connection with discussion of convening the party congress it was considered correct to discuss the manifesto, the party concept and principle at the initial party organizations among party members, supporters, at organizations functioning under the party organization and among scholars, scientists and researchers. We will also study the attitude of the people regarding the party name and the concept because the MPRP is the party of the common people. The final decision will be reached at the 26th congress of the MPRP. We will also organize a scientific conference inviting our researchers and scientists. The explanation of the theory and methodology of the national democratic concept will be widely launched.

-The organizational matters of the party will be discussed at the congress. Does it mean the question of the chief of the party will also be discussed?
-No party conference will be held prior to the congress. Therefore, the members of the party conference will be elected and approved at the 26th congress. The number of the conference members is going to increase so the structure and the organizational questions will be debated.
- By how much will the number of conference member’s increase?
-Now it is at 255 members. In recent years the membership increased reaching 150,000. And we are now talking to increase the members of the party Governing Council.
-At the international level, the political parties are becoming member-free. What about the MPRP which is striving to increase its membership? Does it mean a retreat from the world standard?
-No. According to Mongolian law the political party must have membership. Talks are developing about free membership of political parties. This matter was also discussed in our party but it was not yet decided.
-The MPRP is talking about changing the democratic socialist principles and relying on the national democratic concept. If the party will refuse from the left-wing concept would it mean cancelling of joining the Socialist International?
-The MPRP will remain to be a member of the Socialist International. It is impossible to say directly that the national democratic ideas regarding the theory and methodology are of the left-wing direction. Today, the world is becoming very pragmatic. No more it is adhering to the left or to the right wing, but is more declined to using the best and the better. There exists Tony Blair’s trend which unites the best of these two directions. There are also are theories and teachings advocated by Bill Clinton. The MPRP, being from the outset a left-wing political force, is able to implement the national democratic ideas of social orientation. A scientific conference will be held on the matter on September 15. Come to hear what the scientists will talk about.
-N.Enkhbayar, former chairman of the MPRP addressed party leaders and members and made a statement. What is your attitude about it?
-The MPRP is a democratic party. Any party member is free to make a statement. To support or not to support is a personal matter. There are many members in our party who are supporting the renewal of the party name and its concept. The final decision will be reached by the majority voice and to follow it is the democratic principle.
-Were the ideas of the person who worked previously as the party chairman and general secretary of the party heard before releasing the party manifesto?
-S.Batbold is the present chairman of the MPRP. U.Khurelsukh is the general secretary of the party. There are 23 members of the Governing Council of the party. There are also members of the party in the parliamentary group of the MPRP. The matter has been discussed among them and is being released. Now the document will be discussed by the organization under the party, among members, supporters, the scientists and researchers. As we understand, former President N.Enkhbayar read the manifesto as an ordinary member of the party and expressed his ideas.
-Did former President N.Enkhbayar conclude the functioning of the MPRP leadership as unsatisfactory?
-Conclusions might be different. We don’t think we worked too badly. We met our people, heard their commentaries, we travelled to the countryside and we tried to define what we are going to accomplish in the next 20 years, and what we have accomplished in the past 20 years at our coming party congress. I am not going to say the MPRP was an excellent political force; we are searching for ways to improve our work, to make fewer mistakes. The renovation took place in N.Enkhbayar’s time, it will not finish at my time and we will work further to renew the party and to develop our country.
-With the change of the concept, will the logo and the names of organizations like the Mongolian Democratic Socialist Women’s Union functioning under the MPRP be changed and renewed?
-The party symbolic and logo will be changed with the innovation of the party name and concept. No more commentaries because the question was not finally decided.
-The manifesto says the party name will be changed to the Mongolian People’s Party. But what about the MPP which was not disbanded? Are you going to take the name of that party?
-N.Enkhee talked about the existence of the MPP in his interview with newspapers. As one of the Civil Hall’s decisions of the Supreme Court dated June 30, 2006 says, the MPP founded by N.Enkhee has been officially disbanded. There is no such party now. The MPP founded at the beginning of 1920 is the MPRP. The MPRP was registered at the Supreme Court in 1990 as the MPP.
-In 1992 the Supreme Court registered the MPP founded by N.Enkhee and D.Ulziibaatar under the name MPP. Was that party different from the MPRP?
-The Mongolian people’s party founded in 1921 by D.Sukhbaatar was the MPRP. Our party is going to restore its old name. N.Enkhee’s party no longer exists.
-Is it right to change the name of the MPRP when the time for parliamentary elections is approaching? Are the party members aware of the responsibility of this move?
-I will take responsibility if changing the name of our party fails at the election.
-Until now, nothing has been said about the responsibility of the failing in the presidential election. Why are you making such statements when the previous conclusions were not made and responsibilities not taken?
-It is said in the rules of the MPRP that the party that fails at the parliamentary or regional election is called to political responsibility and will be the party chairman, the leadership and the Governing Council. Everything is being held under the framework of this rule. You know that the nomination of one person is promoted for the presidential election. Private competitiveness as you know is being held after the nomination. There exists no program of the President nominated from the MPRP, but there is a rule that the candidate must be liable to be called to account himself after failing.
source: The Mongol Messenger


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