Invitation for prequalification for greater Tavan Tolgoi coking coal mine

DATE: December 8, 2010
TITLE: Prequalification for Company/Consortium to Invest in and Cooperate at the Tavan Tolgoi Coal Deposit

1. Open prequalification is announced among foreign and domestic companies with a view to selecting a company/consortium that will invest and cooperate in
specific tenements at the Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit.
2. A company/consortium represented by international and domestic investors that will conduct negotiations on transit transportation, prerequisites,
upfront payment, port utilization,investment, and production sales in relation to Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit development as set out in Resolution No. 39 issued
by Mongolia’s Parliament in 2010 shall be selected for the prequalification.
3. An applicant selected as a result of negotiations shall conduct
operations by entering into a contract with Erdenes-Tavan Tolgoi company on investment and cooperation in coal mining in the coking coal areas at the
Tavan Tolgoi deposit (including western part of Tsankhi) set out in the Prequalification Document, production sales (marketing), and infrastructure development project in relation to deposit development and production

An applicant interested in participating in the prequalification shall submit its materials before 16.00 pm on January 17, 2010, at the address below. Materials
missing the deadline shall not be accepted but returned.
5. The Prequalification Document and its corresponding information
may be obtained from “Data Room” database posted on the Intralinks
website ( and please contact Erdenes MGL at the
contact address in this respect.
6. An applicant interested in participating in the prequalification shall submit its materials prepared as per the Prequalification Document by mail or express mail or through its authorized representative in sealed envelopes in pursuance
of appropriate procedures. The interested applicant shall be
responsible for any cost incurred in relation to preparation and submission of its materials.In the event the interested applicant makes a request the
Prequalification Document shall be delivered to it electronically.
7. An interested eligible applicant shall purchase the Prequalification
Document for nonrefundable US$ 8,000 (eight thousand US dollars) or equivalent amount in Mongolian currency. The payment shall be made to the bank account and please contact the Client at the contact address to obtain bank account details. A
copy of the receipt of the payment made through the bank account shall be delivered to the Client by fax or electronically as indicated in the contact address. The
payment may be made in cash in person or through its authorized representative.
8. The companies/consortiums that had participated in talks and negotiations and obtained information on investment and cooperation at the Tavan Tolgoi
coal deposit shall not make the payment specified in Section 7 of the Invitation.
9. Address for submission of materials and contact: Erdenes MGL LLC Prequalification for Company Consortium to Invest in and
Cooperate at the Tavan Tolgoi Coal Deposit Suite 37, Diplomatic Complex
95, Khoroo/Sub-District 5 Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel: +976-7011-0735, +976-7011-0625
Fax: +976-7011-0725
Contacts: Ch. Batbaatar
(Mobile phone: +976-9907-1318
Ch. Munkhbat (Mobile phone:
Government working group
State property committee
Erdenes MGL LLC

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  1. I wonder if Russia can provide the CAPEX for these large projects. It is true that the oligarchs have a lot of money but they are few and what will they decide? They are not good at communicating with their shareholders.
    Given their past ideology it is surprising they have become snootier than the British Royal Family.
    True it could just be inequality but let's look at the record there since 1917.
    Lenin, Stalin and the rest incinerated that nation.


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