Young chess rivals become friends

Ten year-old international chess champion Nomin-Erdend Daraademberel has been nominated as a candidate for Best Young Athlete of the Year. On December 23, the Mongolian National Olympic Committee will hold the Borte Chono ceremony and announce the winners of the best athletes of 2010.
D. Nomin-Erdene scored record success by gaining the title of the world champion in Asia and furthermore, the world champion among junior chess players in one year. She began to play chess at age of 5. At the age of 6 she won a medal in an international competition and at the age of 10 she won the title of the champion of the continent and the world. The junior champion and her father were invited to participate in this issue of our newspaper.
-Would you introduce yourself to our readers… in which school and in which grade are you studying?
-I am a 5th grade “G” student of school # 45 and have been playing chess for five years. 
-As I understand you have no time to play like your school mates and friends. Do you sometimes feel exhausted or tired when you are sitting behind a chess board concentrating your attention on different moves for hours?
-No, on the contrary, I like to play chess. This is a very serious sport and demands much patience and discipline from a person. It requires at least 4 hours to make a simple move, and no less than 12 hours when you sit playing in two rounds. Sometimes I become tired and have a headache. In order to overcome this I need to be well-trained and have good physical exercise and training. I used to run early in the morning and attend the swimming pool and play basketball.
-What did you feel when you won the competition and when the name of the junior Mongolian girl was announced as the winner of the world championship?
-I was really embarrassed. The images of my parents, of my father and mother and of my younger brothers and sisters appeared before my eyes. I thought about them and my country. It was a fascinating moment in my life when I was handed the gold metal and a cup and the hymn of Mongolia was heard in the hall
 -Who was the most serious rival for you?
-I played 11 rounds. Every round was very responsible and competitive, but the most serious rival was the twotime world champ and the Asian champ from Kazakhstan. This was a 12-year old girl named Sanzai and she was the winner of the world championship in the mixed kids competition organized among boys and girls up to 12 years. We quitted in the 5th round and Sanzai occupied second place.
-What was your impression when you came back home after gaining the title of world champ? Who met you at the airport? Were your class mates, friends, relatives there?
-I thought to meet my granny, my grand dad, my parents and relatives, officials from the Chess Club but there
were a crowd of people, more than 160 people and everybody seemed to be my relative.
-What are your plans for future? In what contests and competitions will you participate?
-I dream to become a master of international sports in chess playing. I wish to play and become the world champ among adolescences. To become grand international master requires stamina from me, the successful participation in high grade competitions and improving my results. On the agenda is a cup competition for the champs held in the Arab Emirates. The invitation for this contest was handed-over during the world juniors chess players competition.
-What about your rating, in which place are you among world juniors chess players?
-My rating is 1700. The rating is defined by the World Chess Federation and I am 5th in the world by that rating.  Now, when I became the world champ I think I shall be in 2nd or 3rd place. The World Chess Federation identifies the rating and the place according to the results you scored, by playing in the top competitions and contests.
-From childhood you have been travelling to many countries. What are your most fascinating impressions or the most serious difficulties you faced?
-My first contest overseas was an international kids competition in Ulaan-Ude where I won a silver medal. Then, in the Arab Emirates at the Asian championship, I occupied  9th place. It was so hot in the Emirates that some of our team fainted in the blazing heat. Such heat was very difficult for Mongolians. I was placed  18th among the top 20 rating chess players among girls at the world championship held in Turkey. One of the most serious competitions was the last round at the 2008 world juniors chess championship. If I will lost, I was going to be placed 3rd, but I quitted. I was so scared and disturbed that I might be defeated. I hardly believed when I heard that the Mongolian girl placed 8th.
-Sportsman win and lose. Are you crying when you lose? 
-Yes. I always think to win, not lose. I know that a sportsman must be strong morally and physically. Some girls did not feel well during the competition and it happens that the contest was postponed because of that. As far as I was concerned, I was lucky and in good form.
-Are you a good pupil, are you good in math? Chess players must be good in mathematics.
-My friends and teachers help me much when I am unable to attend some lessons because of training for
the competitions, but I am not bad in mathematics. I have a lot of friends, but unfortunately I do not have enough time to meet with them frequently. By the way, I have many foreign friends. Despite the fact we are rivals on the both sides of the chess table we are good friends after the competitions. 
-I remember the competitions for the world’s best chess players among women held in our country. All of them were good in English which I think is very important for sportsmen. Are you learning foreign language?
-I am becoming to understand the importance of leaning foreign language, especially the English language. At every competition we attend, learning foreign language is my second purpose despite my tough schedule.
-Do you have a top chess player who you follow and who you deeply respect? Would that be a foreigner or Mongolian?
-There are three sisters, the Hungary born Polgars. I like and deeply worship the youngest of the, Udit Polgar. Her playing is wonderful and I want to play like Udit. Also, I deeply respect the grand master B.Munguntuul, master of the chess sport, and P.Davaademberel champion of the world juniors chess sport. Davaademberel, a father of the girl, said that his daughter first learned chess ABCs in 2005 at the “Tsetsen Nuudel” chess club with Erdenedorj as her teacher. “Some people refused to support my daughter’s candidature in her participation in the mini-chess competition held that year saying that she was too small. But I insisted, and she was lucky to win. She became the winner of the gold medal of the 80th anniversary of the Mongolian children’s organization Mongolia celebrated in 2005. This was the first gold and the first success for my  daughter. My wife and I are engaged in a small business. But now we are  working for my daughter and for her success in chess. We attended many chess contests. When she was six years old she won a silver medal from the international children’s festival. In 2006 we worked together with the international master of sports
Lhagvasuren and since 2007; we worked with Battuvshin, the trainer of the league.”
-Your daughter gained top success. Is it hard work or in-born talent, what do you think?
-Visa versa. When she was 9 months old she began to speak and walk. The movements of her right and left hands worked in balance. She was very smart and quick in learning at once. She strived to catch everything,
to find and understand. What I am afraid of is that one day my daughter will ask me “Dad, how did my childhood pass away?” When kids of her age were playing outside, running and being noisy she was quietly
sitting for 7-8 hours playing chess and concentrating all her attention on chess moves. I am proud of her patience and purpose which enabled her to become the Asian female champ in one year’s time and the world champion among juniors. This was a really brilliant success for a 10 year old child. I must say that grand master B.Munguntuul is a bright example for all children who are playing and learning chess. At the juniors world championship, Georgii, the Greek trainer with rating results of 2597 said in his interview with the press and TV that successful chess players continue to be born in Mongolia and nobody, among kids from more than 100 countries are unable to stop the new champ. The father of my daughter’s rival, a girl from Kazakhstan, the two-time winner of the world chess championship congratulated us and said he was happy to meet such a clever rival. He said he strongly believes these 10-year old girls will become world champions in future adults competitions. The words of this man have encouraged me greatly and my efforts to support and work with my own daughter.
Recently we reached an agreement with the Mongolian Chess Union. The Mongolian children won almost all awards except the world adults championship. We agreed to work out a special program and to cooperate together. For the sportsmen, finances are one of the decisive factors to reach success. The sportsmen who  are trained in the chess game need to have reliable computer sites and update chess playing programs. In other words, the chess players must be wellinformed in this kind of sport.
In previous years, we played in competitions bearing the expenses ourselves. In almost eight top rated contests, we displayed very good results and gained record awards. The Mongolian Chess Union was responsible for finances of the Asian and the junior world chess championships. We are very grateful to the Ulaanbaatar State Department collective and all other people of goodwill for their donation and support, Nomin-Erdene’s father said
source: The Mongol Messenger


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