Kuwait welcomes Mongolia’s PM

Welcoming ceremony in front of the airplane Kuwait sent to transport the Mongolian Prime Minister
Mongolia’s Prime Minister S.Batbold paid an official visit to Kuwait for the first time. After diplomatic ties were established 35 years ago, the sides paid high and summit mutual visits, but no visit at the level of Prime Minister took place.
Kuwait Prime Minister Sheih Nasser Mohamed Ali-Ahmed Ali- Sabah officially met with S.Batbold at the ‘Bayan’ complex. Present were all Members of Kuwait Government and Mongolian Minister of Finance S.Bayartsogt, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light industry T.Badamjunai, Minister of Environment L.Gansukh, D.Oyunkhorol and G.Bayarsaikhan MPs, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs B.Bolor, Deputy Minister of Health J.Tsolmon, and Ambassador of Mongolia to Kuwait K.Sairaan. Mr. Batbold also met with Jassem Al-Kharafi, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Kuwait. He expressed gratitude to Kuwait
for rendering assistance and support to the infrastructure sector of Mongolia.  He underlined that projects have been successfully implemented with capital from Kuwait such as constructing paved-roads and a smallsized hydropower station, and that a project has now started to build a new parliamentary house in Mongolia.
Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah IV Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah (R) receives Prime Minister
S.Batbold in Kuwait
Mr. Batbold has said the countries have an opportunity to widen their cooperation in other spheres, and requested the Kuwaiti side to support the matter of constructing a pediatric hospital.
The Prime Minister appreciated the Kuwaiti Foundation’s playing a vital role in bilateral collaboration, noting that bilateral relations have been intensively developing in lines of  the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).
Ribbon cutting ceremony to open Mongolia’s Embassy in Kuwait
In turn, Mr. Jassem Al-Kharafi expressed his satisfaction with meeting with the Mongolian Premier and his accompanying delegates. He said Mongolia-Kuwait relations have been developing on a friendly level, and that it is time to make efforts to realize the issues discussed on strengthening inter-citizenship ties, trade and business collaboration. Mr. Jassem Al-Kharafi also asked the Premier to convey his invitation to Parliament Speaker D.Demberel to pay a visit to Kuwait. On January 4, Prime Minister S.Batbold was received by the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah IV Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. At the beginning of the meeting, the PM underlined that Mongolia- Kuwait relations and cooperation have been developing successfully, and that the countries have great opportunities to boost cooperation in many spheres.
Mr. Batbold noted the government of Mongolia pays a special attention to the protection of Mongolia’s youth
and children’s health, which account for some 70 percent of the population. “In this matter we would like to
collaborate with Kuwait, for example, in establishing a pediatric hospital for children under 16 years-old with
non-refundable aid of the Kuwaiti Foundation,” he said. Then he underlined the importance  of intensifying cooperation in the oil sector and of realizing matters already considered. In response, the Kuwaiti Emir said he attaches a great importance to the official visit of Mongolia’s Prime Minister. He said that not only at high level, but Kuwaiti people as well consider Mongolians as friends. “I support your opinions and requests. The two sides successfully implemented projects in several sectors, and I appreciate the view of forwarding cooperation in  new spheres,” the Emir has said. When the Mongolian side draws up a detailed project, Kuwait will be ready to help build the pediatric hospital, he said adding Kuwait wan ts to widen relations and cooperat ion in mining, energy, environment, agriculture and other spheres. Mentioning that he has been to Mongolia three times — two official visits and one holiday — the Emir said he almost considers himself a citizen of Mongolia. In a course of his official visit to Kuwait, Prime Minister S.Batbold held an official talk with His Highness  Sheikh Nasser Mohammed Al- Ahmed Al-Sabah, the Prime Minister of Kuwait, and then signed some documents on bilateral cooperation. Beginning the talk, Mr. Batbold thanked Kuwaiti for creating nice conditions for the visit and for sending a special airplane for his visit. “It shows that an opportunity exists to make direct flights between Ulaanbaatar and Kuwait,” he noted, adding that it would contribute to making mutual visits of citizens and to boosting tourism and commercial ties.
The Mongolian Prime Minister mentioned that the two countries marked the 35th anniversary of the diplomatic relations last year, and considered that the opening of the two embassies has given an impetus to deepening the level of relations and cooperation.
He noted that trade turnover has not reached the targeted level and added that there are many spheres in which the cooperation is possible — such as agriculture, mining, environment, health and mineral resources. Mr. Batbold pointed out that projects, implemented with money from the Kuwaiti Foundation, serve as the symbol of the cooperation which significantly contributes to Mongolia-Kuwaiti relations. He officially requested the Kuwaiti side to implement a project with non-refundable aid of the Kuwaiti Foundation to construct a pediatric hospital.
The sides shared views on cooperation in the oil sector. Mr. Batbold expressed hope that Kuwait will tackle matters in the near future on supplying oil to Mongolia, on intensifying matters previously agreed to by the two sides, and on supplying one million tons of oil to Mongolia in the first turn.
Mr. Batbold said Mongolia plans to set up a scientific research center with three labs in accordance with a bilateral memorandum established in 2009 on environmental protection, and emphasized the importance of the collaboration agreement for protecting and breeding Saker-falcons.
In turn, the Kuwaiti Prime Minister stated that he supports opinions of his Mongolian counterpart. He mentioned that the countries have made vital steps for supporting each other in the international arena, and added that it is time to realize the ties of bilateral cooperation with high benefits. After the talks, the sides signed an inter-governmental contract on cooperation in veterinary and quarantine spheres and a contract on student’s exchange. It is considered  that all this will make conditions for the collaboration in making Mongolian livestock healthy, creating a new market for export of meat and expanding collaboration in the education sector.
Prime Minister Batbold also met with Jassem Al-Kharafi, speaker of the National Assembly of Kuwait. To begin the meeting, Mr. Batbold expressed his appreciation for Kuwaiti assistance and support of Mongolia’s infrastructure sector.
The Kuwaiti Speaker of the National Assembly said that he is pleased with receiving Mongolian delegation led by Mr. Batbold and said that the sides need to make efforts to bring talks on strengthening bilateral inter-personal relations and trade and business cooperation into action. on January 5, 2011, Mongolia’s Embassy was in charge of the Gulf Countries in Kuwait City for the first time in its 35-year history since Mongolia’s establishment of  diplomatic relations with Kuwait. Last year, Kuwaiti side opened its Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. At the opening ceremony of the embassy, the Prime Minister underlined that Mongolia’s Embassy in Kuwait will play an important role to develop cooperation and relations with gulf countries.
The Mongolian delegation led by Mr. Batbold visited the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. After seeing activity of the KISR, the PM said that the KISR is successfully running its activity with integrity using its own features, market and standard as a basis to operate successfully. KISR started collaborating with Mongolia’s Ministry of Environment, Nature and Tourism; therefore it is called a bridge between Mongolia and Kuwait.
During the official visit, Prime Minister attended Mongolia- Kuwait Business Forum at which he expressed Mongolia’s interest to develop mutually-beneficial trade and economic cooperation with the gulf countries that have used their natural resources effectively. It was so attractive that representatives of over 20 major companies operating in the gulf countries attended the forum. In  his speech, Prime Minister said that projects which open huge opportunities of development in Mongolia have started, and Mongolia is having active talks with its two neighbors on facilitating trade and transit-transport tariffs. He also said that there is much opportunity to invest in Mongolia’s sectors such as health, mining, infrastructure, agriculture, banking and capital market. He also informed that the sides are working to organize a Forum for Mongolia-Arab Investors in Ulaanbaatar in June, 2011.
During the official visit, the Mongolian side put two requests forward to the Kuwaiti side; to construct a paved auto road in Erdenet- Moron and establish a child hospital with 150 beds in Mongolia.

source: The Mongol Messenger' newspaper



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