Campaigns underway for the 2013 Presidential Election

Candidates express confidence in the voters
On May 22 the GEC handed mandates to the three candidates racing in the 2013 Presidential Election. They are Ts.Elbegdorj from the DP, B.Bat-Erdene from the MPP and N.Udval from the MPRP who are now eligible to start their election campaigns. The CWGP and the MNDP expressed earlier that they will support Ts.Elbegdorj (DP) in the coming election and they signed a contract to participate in the June presidential election with the DP. The Mongolian Green Party, the Freedom Implementing Party and the United Patriotic Party decided to participate in the election by supporting B.Bat-Erdene, candidate of the MPP, and signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on May 20.
By concluding the Memorandum, the Mongolian Green Party, the Freedom Implementing Party and the United Patriotic Party officially declared their intention to carry-out the election campaign of B.Bat-Erdene together with the MPP.
When receiving his election mandate, MPP candidate B.Bat-Erdene requested his opponents be fair and honest in the racing competition.” To my understanding, the election is an expression of democracy and justice. I believe the General Election Committee will organize the election of the President, who must be an expression of the unity of the Mongolian people according to law.
I believe the coming election will be fair and that candidates from other parties will be fair and honest in the election, “ said B.Bat-Erdene. 
Current President Ts.Elbegdorj said: “We face a lot of work. We know well what we have done, what we have to accomplish as a new task, and what we have to continue doing. Mongolia’s reputation has grown, we can raise a significant amount of money and money is not a problem for us now.
Opportunities have been created to resolve matters in cooperation with Parliament, the government, the city and rural authorities. We face a time to accomplish much more than we have done in previous years. Now we must multiply what has been accomplished and more works that should benefit the people. Let do them together,” called Ts.Elbegdorj.
N.Udval, candidate from the MPRP is the first woman to race in a Presidential election. She accepted the fact that her opponents, Ts.Elbegdorj and B.Bat-Erdene, are eminent competitors both in the political scene and in society. This is a very serious challenge for me as my opponents are very powerful competitors; but nevertheless, I have confidence that a champion will gain victory in the competition. I am confident that I will win the race,” said N.Udval. 
On May 22, B.Bat-Erdene, candidate from the MPP, started his election campaign from his native place the Khentii Aimag. Ts.Elbegdorj (DP) participated in the ‘Mongol-93’ petroleum opening ceremony held at ‘Shunkhlai’ petroleum station and headed to Dornod Aimag. On May 23, MPRP candidate N.Udval met with the party leader N.Enkhbayar and opened her official election campaign at Circus. According to the Presidential Law, and with an aim to provide candidates with equal the pre-election campaign, the hours on television programs, campaign materials, and number of posters shall be limited. On May 22, the General Election Committee met and set up a non-staff press and media council to operate during the presidential election. The Council is composed of five members representing the political parties participating in the election, media and press and nongovernmental agencies.
The Council is obliged to supervise balanced media agitation by the parties and candidates running in the election, to check and oversee complaints and claims received from parties, candidates, legal subjects and citizens, make conclusions, present and submit them to the General Election Committee. The candidates are prohibited to involve teenagers   in the election campaign or distribute money and material goods in order to buy votes. The election campaign for candidates running in the presidential election will continue until June 25.



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