New Ulaanbaatar airport to commence operations in 2016

Architectural drawing of the planned  new Ulaanbaatar airport terminal
The new international airport to be built in the Khoshigiin valley if completed as planned, will be
commenced by the end of 2016. On October 23, Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag, viewed the work. On
June 25, 2012, construction of the new airport started and huge construction operations have been launched
enveloping the whole Khoshigiin valley. “Overburden soil has been removed on 2.8 million square meters
and 95 percent of the planned work for this year is being fulfilled. Soil is being removed to 40 cm in depth. Earth removing operations on the 3.6 km long runway is complete and the concrete covering will be laid next year. Construction work on the passenger terminal building, the biggest object of the new airport, the flight control tower, and the concrete pouring work for fire-rescue operation buildings is underway. Nearly 700
people and more than 180 vehicles are being employed everyday for construction of the airport,” said
project director N.Enkhbat. Azusa Sekkei from Japan’s ‘Azusa Sekkei and Oriental Consultants
consortium’ works as project consultant, the Mitsubishi-Chiyoda partnership is operating as general
executor of the project, Samsung C&T Corporation of Korea is operating as general assistant executor, while another 11 Mongolian companies are assisting with the project construction. The project is guided
by an international team consisting of more than 80 engineers and technical staff from Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Britain and the Philippines. Engineers and technical workers of Mongolian national companies are also involved in the construction work. The international airport complex is designed to serve up to three million passengers per year, and has the ability and space for possible future expansion of up to twelve million passengers yearly. The airport will have six jet bridges, modern services, runways able to receive airplanes 24/7 despite weather problems and harsh wind speeds, and modern equipment. The airport will comprise 30 buildings including an airway monitoring tower equipped with the latest technology, independent water treatment, water supply, and heating distribution plants. It will also be equipped with a 24-hour all-weather air traffic control system. The control tower will be 38m high (11m higher than the existing Chinggis Khaan airport control tower) and the site area for the control tower is 474 square meters. It is assumed
that on average, the airport will serve roughly 2.5 million passengers annually. In comparison, the current
Chinggis Khaan International Airport, the largest airport in Mongolia, serves about 900,000 passengers per year and the cargo capacity is set to increase 10-fold. Energy for the new airport will be supplied from two sources. Construction of a sub-station for transmission of 110 kWt electricity from Nalaikh is being completed and is ready for commissioning. Fitting and assembling it with the Songino substation,
the second source of energy, is also being completed and it is planned to be connected next year when the
Songino sub-station is built. Matters for solving the temporal supply of electricity for the construction site was
resolved. By linking the construction site with a fiber-optic communication cable from Ulaanbaatar, they now
have internet connection. Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag expressed satisfaction with progress of the work
in Khoshigiin valley. If we proceed at the same speed, construction will be completed in the planned time, he
said. Earth operations and outside construction will be terminated in mid- November with cold winter weather coming. Nevertheless, the international engineering and technical team will continue to work to draft and project more than 9000-pages of building and construction works for next year and import the required building materials and technical equipment. Project Director N.Enkhbat said they are striving to complete the new airport in 43 months as stipulated in the contract, by intensifying construction operations from next
spring, increasing the workforce, machines and mechanisms. The airport will be completed at an
estimated cost of 49.5 billion JPY, or USD 500 million, and Mongolia will finish paying the loan at 0.2 percent interest over the next 40 years. The new airport situated 54 km from Ulaanbaatar’s central point
will be connected with the capital city by a high speed roadway. A 37.7 kilometer road between the airport
and Ulaanbaatar will be built by a concession contract of the Ministry of Economic Development, while a
13.7 kilometer highway between the Yarmag Bridge and Nisekh Checkpoint are being built with Ulaanbaatar City Funds. A new satellite city with homes for 100,000 citizens is expected to be
established in the valley.

Cranes, heavy equipment, and a large workforce are employed to build the main terminal



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