Protesters of world climate change including Mongolians arrested in Copenhagen

According to media report coming from Copenhagen, Denmark where world climate conference is held, about 200 protesters arrested by police. The arrested include Mongolians.It looks like some Mongolian environmental activists or anarchists went to Denmark on behalf of the country which contributed very little to global warming but experiences much desertification and warming-up of air temperature.
Please see below for full report.

By research unit of MonInfo News Service

Hundreds of climate activists arrested
December 13, 2009 17:37 EST

COPENHAGEN (AP) -- For a second day in a row, police in Copenhagen have cracked down on climate activists marching through the Danish capital.

More than 200 were detained as police stopped an unauthorized demonstration. The hundreds of protesters were outnumbered by riot gear clad officers. Police say they found bolt-cutters and gas masks when they searched a truck that led the demonstration.

Nearly all 1,000 people detained yesterday at the tail of a 40,000-strong march have been released without charges. The detainees were from a range of European countries as well as the U.S., Kenya, Belarus, Japan, Mongolia, China and Turkey.

Thirteen of those arrested have been arraigned, but they were let off with a warning.



  1. What evidence is there of rising temperatures in Mongolia? I think temperatures records in Mongolia have not even been kept for much more beyond 20 years. Dry land in Mongolia could be the result of many things: different land use, different animals, etc.

    Global warming is the solution to UB's coal pollution problem. If it was above freezing, people wouldn't need to burn much coal in gers.

    Did you know that the African nations left the meeting, because the leaked agreement says that undeveloped countries must remain undeveloped, and everybody in the whole world has to pay carbon taxes to the World Bank. The African delegates thought that was ridiculous, so they walked out.

    The funny thing is the protestors and the people running the conference believe the same thing. What's the point of protesting? If Mongolia signed the agreement, they would have to pay money to the World Bank and Al Gore just to burn their own coal. It's ceding national sovereignty to the World Bank. The global media would never explain this stuff.

  2. Bob,
    Thanks for the comment in There are many evidences of rising temperatures in Mongolia. Winter used to more colder and much snow used to fall. Now winters are not so cold and almost no snow. We have "black winters" without snow. Can you believe depth of snow layers in most places of Mongolia used to be were knee-deep?
    Dry weather and desertification in Mongolia could be result of many factors such as pastureland degradation, drying of rivers and creeks and deforestation and increase of livestock animals etc.
    Ideally, warm weather is the solution for air pollution of Ulaanbaatar. However, most likely coal will be still used as fuel for cooking etc.

    I hear our President Elbegdorj is heading to Copenhagen tomorrow.Mongolia is joining the campaign against global warming as it is threat to our common good regardless of where we live.

    I would not say paying some taxes to World Bank is like ceding our sovereignty. They probably would not want to run our country for us. What is the use for WB to take our sovereignty?


  3. Just remember that the African delegates already went home, because they didn't like the clauses that forbid them from developing their economies. What about revelations like ClimateGate? The US started on the premise that "taxation without representation is tyranny." That is exactly the type of governance that was proposed at Copenhagen. If they increase the tax from 2% to 5% to 10% in the future, there are no elected officials. You cannot vote them out. Once a country signs the treaty, they cannot just backout if they find something disagreeable, unless all the other members vote them out. Of course meat eaters are considered to be contributing more to global warming and must pay extra taxes. Also remembering that snow was knee deep...that is somewhat subjective with no hard data. I mean ice melts and snow falls. Is that just your personal recollection over the course of how many years? If all the icecaps are melting, one might think the opposite is true. I mean aren't people saying that there will be violent hurricanes one after another in some places because of global warming? Isn't that because there is more moisture in the global air after polar icecaps melted, yet you're saying global warming results in dried air? Correct my misunderstanding. I mean it is true that a large city does create a localized heat island effect. The increased dust in Beijing is just the result of human activity in Inner Mongolia from the Chinese gov't trying to convert it into arable farm land, not the Gobi Desert expanding.

    How about a discussion on what the ChemTrails are in Mongolia and many places in the world? Isn't it people trying to create global warming as an excuse to world government and global derivative climate trading?

    knee deep in the snow? Mongolia's dry winters are nothing new. It is mainly because Mongolia is in the rain shadow of the Himalayas. If Mt. Everest was blown up, Mongolia would be much wetter. That's hardly because of global warming. If Mongolia is drier, where did the water go? I mean it has to go somewhere. What are the dynamics? So you're wishing knee deep snow and colder weather on herders? If it was knee deep snow, how did the herders survive in the first place? If everything you're saying is true, then global warming would allow longer grazing time with less snow and there would be less coal soot in the air in UB. Consider that the dust bowl in the 1930's in the US was *not* because of global warming, but because of "extensive farming without crop rotation" (bad management)

    Wake up: Al Gore is a fraud and is set to become the first global carbon tax billionaire should this become implemented.

  4. Something not being reported by the local media is they think the population of Mongolia should be reduced to about 1 million and that there are too many people in Mongolia contributing to global warming.

  5. China will only sign the Copenhagen treaty if a global 1 child per couple rule is enforced globally. What a miserable page of Chinese history to be repeated.

    "Officials in Copenhagen are all in agreement with the one child policy."

    Do you accept this? How many kids do you have, or plan to have? Do you want to see thousands of Mongolian girls drowned in the Tuul River like it happened in China?

  6. Bob,
    I don't have the hard scientific facts on global warming effects on Mongolia. However, I know that climate in Mongolia has changed. We have short winters and summers and less precipitation (rain, snow) and more natural disasters (flash flood, severe droughts etc). Something is going on and changing than what it used to be, most people in Mongolia feel.

    Main problem we have is degradation of pastureland and expansion of deserts. Too many goats and livestock animals.....It seems our government and many development projects funded by donors and implemented in Mongolia have not yet found solution for this complex problem!!

    I would not go to extreme. I don't know about what happened to girls in China. So I can not comment on this.

    If there are others who have more knowledge about impact of global warming in Mongolia, please add to the conversation?

    I just being ignorant scientific matters and therefore, can not contribute much to the discussion.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by the Mongolianviews site?

    Ganbat of MonInfo News Service

  7. For decades China has had a 1 child per couple policy. Chinese parents (and all Confucianist countries) expect the son(s) to take care of them in old age. If people had more than one child, they were penalized severely and got less pay at work. To this day if Chinese have a daughter, it means they will give the daughter in marriage to support another family, so they quickly go drown her in a river or lake somewhere. This is why the technology to discover the gender of a fetus is most used in China. If they find out early they're having a girl, they just have an abortion. China is the country of all young men and far fewer women. For the Chinese view of little girls, see the videos by youtube user freeUighur1 at

    On the Copenhagen agenda is 1 child per 1 couple. Imagine if Mongolia implemented that policy. Mongolia would decrease into nothing in a few generations. Think about it: 4 become 2, then 2 become 1 in 2 generations or basically 50 years. If one generation is 25 years, then:
    2.7M --> 1.35M --> 675,000 --> 337,500 --> 168,750 --> 84,375 Mongolian people in 5 generations of 1 child per 1 couple implementation or 150 years. UN is very clear that this is their policy. China will not join the Copenhagen treaty unless this is the official policy.

  8. Can you accept that, that Mongolia's population decreases by 97% from 2.7 million to 84 thousand Mongolians in Mongolia in 6 generations or 150 years? When you support Copenhagen, you agree with that, because Copenhagen definitely *requires* 1 child per 1 couple.


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