About alleged Chinese and Mongolian spy wanting to stay in Canada for fear of persecution

Photo: Gankhuyag Bumuutseren is seen here, highlighted, at a meeting of the Inner Mongolian Peoples Party in the U.S. Mr. Bumuutseren infiltrated the group for the Chinese intelligence agencies in order to monitor its members and their activities.

National Post newspaper of Canada just run a story on a Mongolian man allegedly spied for China. The man disclosed this as he was desperately seeking a way to stay in Canada. According to the story, " hours before
the Canada Border Services Agency was scheduled to deport Gankhuyag Bumuutseren for espionage, he sought sanctuary in St.James Anglican church in Etibicoke."

Bumuutseren said he was spying for China for eight years in Mongolia as well in the USA.Allegedly, he was collecting information about dissident Inner Mongolians staying in Mongolia. It also turns out that he was also collecting information for Mongolian intelligence services on Chinese intelligence and army and Tibetan, Kazakh and Inner Mongolian activists.

While this sounds like a good spy novel, it is very likely fake. Why would Chinese recruit a psychologist and vegetable vendor while there are many other half Chinese and half Mongolian people holding Mongolian passports. Mongolia has visa free regime with China and easy to travel back and forth bewteen China and Mongolia.It would not be hard for both secret services to recruit agents from thousands of Mongolians crossing the border everyday.

Many Mongolians in the West, wanting to get right to stay , make up stories and pretend as they are political or gay rights activists facing persecution back home. Nothing new and surprising about this. This time, economic refugee claims he is a Chinese spy.
It is very likely that there are many Chinese spies in Mongolia.Recently, Mongolian Central Intelligence Agency issued statement saying foreign intelligence activity in Mongolia has intensified and the agency expelled 4 or 5 foreign nationals spying on territory of Mongolia.This guy's story makes Chinese and Mongolian secret services as dumb and stupid.

Why would Mongolian secret service use vegetable vendor as agent? Why he did not face criminal charge of "treason" in Mongolia if he was truly Chinese spy?
Looks like the guy prepared for this show for a long time.He got close with Inner Mongolian People's Party and had his picture taken with them and even knows them personally.

Surely, this is interesting and we'll see where this will lead to?

By research unit of MonInfo News Service


  1. Chinese and Mongolian secret services are not that dumb and stupid. This guy is lying, just send him back whereever the hell he is from.

  2. We agree that the man is probably a desperado-liar wanting to stay in Canada by any means....

    We read his application paper posted on the Post website.

    Why would Mongolian secret service call the man's wife in Mongolia while he is in Canada and tell "to behave and we know where your kids go to school etc". They don't have to call. They can just come and arrest suspects in country...

    Just plain lie. I think it would be hard for the man to come back to Mongolia now as it would be too shameful for him to face his friends and family members after saying he was Chinese spy even it is not true!
    Research Unit of MonInfo News Service

  3. This is exactly how poor people get entrapped into doing things that aren't exactly right - both the Chinese Security Services & the Mongolian military have been using and abusing people like this guy for decades. How else is a double agent ever going to get out of where he's stuck - he's not Chinese, so defecting to China's not an option & he's ended up betraying his own country, so he's not going to be welcomed back there either. Let the guy and his family stay in Canada. They'll make good citizens.

  4. He is not exactly poor.. He married to a wealthy mongolian woman and can afford travel to South Korea for attempt to start second-hand car sale... It is just plain lie... If he comes here, he'll be in deep shit..

  5. OK im Mongolian i live in USA prove me wrong but my dad is a interpol in USA for Mongolia.They knew that this was B.S and that why USA or MG is not coming in this mess but i have no proof that there is none spy in MG or China they been fighting for ages


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