Mongolian spy chief can be extradited to Germany

A Mongolian spy chief who claimed he was tricked into coming to the UK so he could be arrested can be extradited, a court has ruled.

District Judge Quentin Purdy, at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court, ruled Bat Khurts should be sent to Germany on a European arrest warrant.

Mr Khurts, 41, is wanted for the kidnap and false imprisonment of a Mongolian national suspected of murdering a government official.

His lawyer said he intended to appeal.

Mr Khurts was allegedly involved in the 2003 kidnap of Enkhbat Damiran, who was taken from France to Berlin, drugged and flown to the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator.

Mr Damiran was wanted in connection with the murder of Mongolia's Infrastructure Minister Zorig Sanjasuuren in 1998.
'Full immunity'

Mr Khurts was remanded in custody and will be extradited within 17 days, unless his appeal is successful.

His lawyer, Alun Jones QC, claimed Mr Khurts, head of the executive office of Mongolia's National Security Council, should not have been detained at Heathrow Airport in September because he was covered by diplomatic immunity.

Mr Jones said Mr Khurts was lured to the UK by the Foreign Office, on the pretence of attending high-level government talks on intelligence co-operation, so he could be arrested and extradited to Germany.

Mr Jones said Mr Khurts had been granted a business visa for a visit during which he was supposed to meet Britain's National Security Adviser, Sir Peter Ricketts, and strategy and counter-terrorism director, William Nye.

Judge Purdy said he believed Mr Khurts was invited for genuine security talks but the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) had heard about it and were aware of the outstanding warrant from Germany.

The judge said: "To my mind it is clear the Mongolian authorities thought Bat Khurts was travelling with full immunity... equally clearly, the UK authorities, once aware of the European Arrest Warrant, most certainly did not regard the trip as attracting any immunity from arrest."

Source:BBC News



  1. Well, he has to explain why he kidnapped and tortured innocent person Enkhbat Damiran to Germans.... Mongolian court system do not touch these corrupt officials. They are holy cows here. Now no more. Hurrah. Shudarga yos baidag l yum bainaa. Hunii erh, amidral, ami nasiig ulandaa gishgesen buzar aluurchin Hurts chi Germandaa uhvel taarna. Chamaig bolon jiriin humuusiig darlan deerelhdeg, alban tushaaltan, tsereg tsagdaagiinhniig uzen yadaj bainaa. Uh, uh chi.
    Mongolian man in US

  2. Does it mean European Arrest Warrant has more priority than any country's local regulation & law? This case is now clear. This gentleman will be responsible for all his deeds in Germany. But what can do now Mongolians regarding the other people involved in this case?

  3. Mongolia must demonstrate its commitment regarding respect of individual freedom and human right. This case shows that Mongolia still did not learn about human rights.
    Who will be responsible for wrongful death of Enkhbat Damiran???? Khurts must explain why he kidnapped Enkhbat and who else is involved in this heinous crime. Mongolia must learn it has to operate within international legal framework and respect individual freedom and human rights.It can not continue violating human rights in the name of state interest.
    I'm a Mongolian man living in US and I think Khurts and other criminals would never have arrested in Mongolia.

    They are "holy cows" and "untouchable". Good Job UK.. Now Germany, it is your turn to show Mongolian corrupt official how to have fair trial!

    I hope Mongolian Government will be decent enough to apologize for wrongful death of Enkhbat Damiran.
    However, I think some corrupt officials still does not give shit about value of human life. Bilegt, former director of Mongolian Central Intelligence Agency and so-called one of democratic activists said recently to Mongolian media that Khurts should be awarded for brilliantly executed snatch operation! Ok, Maybe Khurts is good soldier and agent. But what about Enkhbat and his suffering. Who will be responsible for what he gone through and eventual death?
    What about value of thousands of Mongolians living abroad? Can they be also kidnapped and tortured without judicial trial?

    Viva UK. Anglichuudad bayar hurgie... Ene buzar bulai hereg hiisen humuusiig Mongold hezee ch yallahgui baisan.

  4. Gadniihnii bogs doloogch minee. Chi naanaa shalaa ugaagaad duugui suu za. Ter enhbat chini residiv gemt heregten baisan yum.


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