Independence Day celebrated nationwide

Independence Day celebrated nationwide
President encourages Mongolians abroad to return to their homeland
Wreath laid at the State Seal to commemorate a century of independence
Mongolia officially celebrated the 100th anniversary of National Freedom and Independence nationwide on
December 29, 2011. The Mongolian Parliament approved this day as a public holiday every year starting
this year. On the occasion of the anniversary of Restoration of National Freedom and Independence from
Manchu Qin Dynasty, a ceremonial session was held in Mongolia’s parliament on December 28, 2011
and was attended by MPs, Cabinet members, government officials and ambassadors in Mongolia. At the
ceremonial meeting, speeches were made by Parliamentary Speaker D. Demberel, President Ts. Elbegdorj and Prime Minister S. Batbold.
Parliamentary Speaker D.Demberel noted that Mongolia had merit to be an independent country and
founded it. “When Mongolia declared its independence in 1911, our leaders pursued a sovereign policy aimed at becoming a truly independent rich country. Today, we are here to continue this policy. Being independent and strong is in the national interest of Mongolia”, he said.
President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj delivered an address to the nation under sub themes such as ‘100 years and Mongolian people’, ‘100 years and the Mongolian State’, ‘100 years and civil service’, ‘100 years and political parties’, ‘100 years and natural resources’, ‘100 years and housing’, ‘100 years and soum centre’, ‘100 years and the capital city’, ;100 years and justice’, and ‘100 years and Mongolians’. The president
said that independence and freedom is the national pride for any nation. Every Mongolian person and every
Mongolian family prefers freedom and equal relations; and when committed, have the potential to take the country to even greater development. Exactly a century ago, our forefathers relied on the power of all Mongols to restore national freedom and independence in 1911. Mongolian people never ask how to manage their nation, freedom and independence. They have wisdom and vigor themselves from generation
to generation. Our history of 100 years ago shows evidence that Mongolians keep their wisdom and vigor to
maintain independence, freedom, restore and manage their country which is spirit of a free nation, he said.
President Ts. Elbegdorj said, “There are many occasions where the Mongolian state made its people
happy in last century. But there were also many wrongdoings, including political purges against its citizens. In
1996, the Mongolian state apologized for such political purges and mistakes against life and freedom of its people in a parliamentary resolution. Since that time however, the Mongolian state made a regretful mistake that failed to ensure the rights, safety and life of its people. We saw human casualties on July 1, 2008 when the president of Mongolia declared a state of emergency. Such misfortune that killed people was a big lesson for our society and state. Such a sorrowful event should not be repeated in our history.”
Then on behalf of the Mongolian state, Ts.Elbegdorj apologized for the events of July 1, 2008, when police opened fire on demonstrators in Ulaanbaatar, killing five people.
The President of Mongolia, Ts. Elbegdorj, appealed to Mongols who live abroad to come back and said
that it is time for us to work together to develop and advance ourselves. “From the high throne of our nation,
I am speaking not only to my fellow citizens, but to all Mongols, Mongolian nationals, and Mongolian descendants who love the Mongol nation, know the language, culture, traditions and customs. My concern is only for the well-being of the Mongol nation.
A lot of work needs to be done for our fellow Mongols to lead a happy life on our Mongol territory. A number of issues need to be addressed. We must bring up the issues related to demography, gene pool and health. No one will tackle these issues if we do not do so. No one will resolve these pressing issues for us if the state of Mongolia does not resolve them,” he said.
In his speech, Prime Minister S.Batbold said, “The domination of Manchu Qin Dynasty over Mongolia
for two centuries was the basis for the national freedom revolution that our forefathers fought to restore lost
freedom and retake occupied land.
The revolution to expel Manchu Qin domination in the early twentieth century and restore our independence
was historical glory for the Mongolian nation which has a great history of statehood. Therefore, we should
remember, commemorate and celebrate this day from generation to generation.”
On December 29, 2011, on the occasion of Independence Day, a wreath was laid at the State Seal statue.
Also, a fire ceremony was held in the state ceremonial ger-palace. This day, President Ts. Elbegdorj handed state awards to people from every sector for their contribution to the country’s development on the occasion of 100th anniversary for Restoration of National Freedom and Independence.
In addition, some diplomats were awarded with title “Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador” together with a gold and silver gerege, an item that was used as a “diplomatic passport” and symbol of Mongolian foreign relations during Chinggis Khaan’s era.
On December 29, 2010, the National Organizing Committee for the event held an opening ceremony
with a scientific symposium on the national freedom revolution at the Bogd Khaan palace museum.
As for this day on 2011, the 100th anniversary day, the committee also organized a meeting to report the
work done in 2011 in the Museum of National History. Committee chairman M.Enkhbold said, “For a year, the Committee organized a multi event for the anniversary including increasing public awareness on the 1911 historical event, promoting intellectual works, organizing scientific conferences and symposiums, trips to historical sites, displaying rare historical items in the museum and issuing a memorial stamp.”
According to him, they organized 5 conferences that attracted many prominent foreign and national scholars
who delivered reports on 120 subjects. The Bogd khaan palace Museum organized 8 exhibitions that displayed more than 400 interesting exhibits for public view. On the occasion of 100th anniversary of Restoration of National Freedom and Independence, many research works, books, literatures were
published with financing and support of the Committee. For example, a book called “The 1911 National Revolution and the Eighth Jebtsundamba” by historian O. Batsaikhan; a book, “Leaders of the Mongolian National Revolution in 1911” by J. Boldbaatar; translation of “Te Report of the Russia-Mongolia trade expedition”, “The National Revolution of Mongolia” encyclopedia and so on. For this event, some movie makers created a film “Bogd Khaan” with their own investment and launched the film on this day.



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