New Year wishes sent to Mongolia’s people

New Year wishes sent to Mongolia’s people
President Ts. Elbegdorj making his New Year’s greeting
On the evening of December 31, 2011, the President of Mongolia conveyed his New Year greetings to the people. In his speech, he said: “The outgoing 2011 year was rich with historical events, leaving a unique pathway and embedding us with fruitful ideas and edification. This year was the 2220th Anniversary of Mongolian Statehood, the 805th Anniversary of the Great Mongolian State, the 100th Anniversary of the
Restoration of National Independence, the 90th Anniversary of the People’s Revolution of Mongolia and the 50th Anniversary of becoming a member of the United Nations. All of these events enriched the pride in our history, and our countrymen commemorated these anniversaries with numerous successes and achievements.
In 2001, the good name of Mongolia was spread throughout the world. The talents, voices and strengths of Mongolian people reached many places and earned the respect of others. Also, a book about Mongolia and news about Mongolia were selected as the most interesting in the world, and the whole world heard about this. Mongolia’s civiloriented and open policies have gotten results as Mongolia became Chair of the Community of Democracies beginning this year and started its contribution to strengthen democratic norms. Our people work honestly in many places in the world. 
This outgoing year was fully loaded with new creations and the achievements of our people and  individuals that honored our culture and history. Those were the result of their diligent efforts. Moreover, many new developments were undertaken and foundations were laid for many new projects.
I am delighted that many people, families, collectives, and organizations supported my initiative of “Alcohol-Free Mongolia” which was proposed on New Year’s Eve, 2011. Congratulations to my citizens who were able to get rid of bad habits and made their mates, children and collectives happy. I am pleased with the efforts of small children who are trying to alienate alcohol from their fathers, and all of my people’s attempts to be alcohol free and of those who have been successful. May all good deeds prosper and dark things stray away from our path. 
The coming New Year will be of historical importance. Just before the New Year, a newly reformed  election law to elect Parliament was ratified. The authority to select or to be selected must be exercised creatively according to the new law. The year 2012 must be full of new achievements that consolidate Mongolia’s prosperity.
In my speech at the honorary session of the State Great Khural dedicated to the Centennial Anniversary of the Restoration of Mongolia’s Independence and Freedom, I expressed my viewpoints on pressing issues. Now, it is vital to tackle these issues by relating these ideas according to the guidelines of government and current needs. Government agencies, citizens, and parties are required to reflect these in their goals and activities in all stages.
The new year is approaching and I am extending my greetings to all my countrymen joyfully waiting to meet the new year, that reside in the four directions and eight azimuths – from Altai Tavan Bogd to the Dornod steppe and from the Huvsgul woodlands to the South Gobi, where big projects are in progress. I wish a happy new year to all Mongolian nationals that live throughout the world. I also wish a happy new year
to the foreign Ambassadors, diplomats and representatives and collectives from international organizations.
I wish that the year 2012 will be the best year that brings happiness to masses in the world and the Mongolian nation. May every single person and every child smile with cheer, may Mongolian youth be colorful, every man be vibrant and every woman be charming, may the masses be full of life having all family members alive, may our elders live a long happy life, and may the Mongolian nation have fortune and broad vision.
I wish that our history, as bright as milk which belongs to my kind people, continue forever. I toast milk, the finest drink of Mongolia, wishing health, happiness, and well-being to all my countrymen. I heartily greet the
Happy New Year”. In his New Year greeting to the people, PM S. Batbold underlined that the year of 2011 has been full of landmark historical events and achievements in Mongolia and mentioned government goals in the coming year. The Prime Minister said, “We have achieved so much this year. There was a significant progress in  socio-economic life of Mongolia. Our GDP growth increased by 20 percent in 2011 and our credit rating was upgraded while the country entered into the list of lower-middle-income countries from low-income ones. In particular, our agricultural sector has had good success due to Mongolian herders’ efforts and hard work. Mongolia became self-sufficient in agricultural crops such as potatoes and vegetables because of successful implementation of Virgin land III campaign for crop farming.
Such economic growth should give fruits to the people. Therefore, the Government of Mongolia will focus on improving the livelihood and well-being of our people, especially low and middle income households and promoting small and medium enterprises in 2012. 
I wish that incoming year of 2011 is a year that successfully implements economic programs that give impetus to the country’s economy.”



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