The indigenous on brink of extinction

By Azartush Najjarian

Multinational corporations are in a race to drain the natural resources in all areas of the world.

People are being treated as mere devices to exploit for profit. As the virtual world grows and the masses are herded into the cities, we see the indigenous peoples of the planet struggle to live in this ever changing matrix. We are witnessing the death of the indigenous populations. It is not my intention to cover the atrocities occurring to all indigenous peoples in this short piece; in addition, volumes of books should be written on this particular subject. Whether we talk about the Native Americans, the indigenous peoples of Brazil, the Aborigines in Australia or the nomadic Turks in Central Asia, we see the threat of extinction. Mongolia is a subject worth exploring. The consequences of corporate occupation are affecting the Mongolian nomads' lives.

The people on the steppe of Mongolia are nomadic herdsmen. This is their way of life and it's all that they know. The main animals they keep are cattle, sheep, goats and the beautiful and famous Mongolian horses. Other animals such as chickens and pigs are kept but not so with the traditional nomads, for chickens and pigs are not the type of animals which can be herded across the vast steppes. The nomads maintain sustenance from the animals producing milk, meat, different cheeses and creams. Life is harsh in Mongolia with temperatures hitting below 40 degrees zero, and the weather can change quickly. The freezing nights incinerate the living, leading to the death of entire herds of animals by morning.

Mongolia has been the target of multi-million dollar companies to sink their tentacles in, as the financial elite have decided to usurp the land of the Mongols for mining. It is a race nowadays to rape Mother Earth of all her innocence and beauty. The competition for the Mongolian mining industry is fierce. Thus, we see major superpowers coming to Mongolia such as Canada, Russia and China, to name a few. The Asian Federation has labeled the Mongolian nomads as terrorists because of their efforts to defend their land. What a convenient word this has become for the authoritarian establishments and governments. After 9/11, the so-called war on terrorism was always blamed on Muslims in particular. However, now that we explore the mendacious and mind-controlling propaganda pumped through the idiot box, it's apparent that a terrorist is often anyone who opposes the government and authoritarian institutions. This is particular in the West.

There is an interesting parable worth noting from WWII about the Nazis. When the Nazis came after the Jews, a certain man did not care because he was not Jewish. Then they came after the gypsies and he again did not care because he was not a gypsy. Thereafter, they came after the Protestants and again he did not worry because he was not a Protestant. Last they came for him and it was too late for anyone to speak out or condemn this tyrannical force because he was the only one left. The indigenous peoples have primordial connections with Mother Earth. Once they are killed off, the lower classes will be next in the food chain and then the middle classes and so on.

Corporate-capitalism is an ancient form of black magic, which operates in a clandestine fashion placing the elite in positions to behave as gods. It is the allegory of a machine without human compassion or reason. Mongolia is a rich, pristine land and has a plethora of precious minerals. It's obvious that these lands will be exploited just like the lands in Africa have been used for diamond and gold mining, precious minerals and the like.

The so-called civilized masses who are slaves to the banking cartels must unplug themselves to the debt machine and totalitarian order which is being created. They probably do not care much about such subjects as it's not directly affecting them at the moment. The elite will continue to behave in this most ominous manner. It is the similitude of when the white colonizers desecrated the holy burial sites of the Native Americans, killed off their buffalos and seized their lands for the same purposes; for exploiting the people of the earth. Military occupations and corporate occupations go hand in hand. There is no ability to fight this system save only with the masses. We have brave Presidents like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Bolivian President Evo Morales coming forth to support the rights of the indigenous populations and others are speaking out. These people are always disparaged in the media and depicted as being insane and fanatical. The truth will appear as a lie and the lie will appear to be the truth.

Speaking and condemning the actions of others will not go so far. There must be a grass roots movement amongst the peoples of any land to oppose the corporate entities and their goals to exploit the natural resources of the people. We can see the indigenous losing their livelihoods and right to self determination just as the middle classes are losing employment, housing and the most basic necessities for survival. The majority, which is us, have to begin to see what the future is turning into. That is an authoritarian establishment, which could also be called a total institution. Protests in Europe have done nothing but gained some slight media attention. Westerners who have written to politicians have accomplished nothing. I have faith that an intellectual and spiritual revolution is possible without violence.

The peaceful alternative would be accomplished by boycotting the main corporations, the promotion of barter systems, gift economies, trading gold, silver and precious metals as our own informal currencies that Western capitalist governments cannot charge interest on, and all other forms of informal economic activities. We are approaching a time in history where the workers and the common people will no longer be able to rely on Western governments to provide sustenance for them such through misanthropic capitalist labor or even food and housing. Therefore, the conditions for surviving are through mutual cooperation built from the masses up. Once the masses can escape capitalism, the corporations, and illegal taxes, thereafter, a theoretical emancipation is possible without violence. The financial elite are behaving as gods because we have granted them this power and played as pawns on their chessboard. Violence is not the answer and revolution does not have to be violent. We are dealing with demonic forces that thrive on our participation to carry out well planned protocols. Once we withdraw from this agenda and provide sustenance and care for each other, the elite will die like in parasitic life form that has to find a host to exist.

The lessons to be learned from the corporate takeover of Mongolia are that these circumstances are not precarious events thousands of miles away. We can see how corporations are affecting our own lives in the cities and suburbs in the West and abroad. These are carefully planned out events and unless we rely on each other we will end up like the indigenous with no capability to take care of our families and loved ones. The choice is ours. We can die slowly through the actions the elite are propagating or we can withdraw from it by mutually cooperating, building federations and withdrawing ourselves from the capitalist and authoritarian forces which threaten our livelihoods on a day to day basis.

Once I heard a gentleman on an alternative radio program and he stated that he did not know how anyone could quite define consciousness. I gave it some thought and the most appropriate definition I could form is that “consciousness is the act of being aware that you are aware.”

We really have to ask ourselves in these ever changing times how many of us are really aware? We are living in an era where realities our given to us like DVDS and our ability to be aware is distorted with what the media, educational institutions, politicians and other authoritarian institutions are programming us with. The indigenous are aware and conscious with nature, love of family and are in peace. We live in the cities and consider their ways primitive and backwards. However, they live in harmony with nature spiritually, organically and physically. The new generations desecrate earth with toxins and synthetics until the land is uninhabitable and then they move to another location and repeat the same cycle. The indigenous populations on this planet are a part of the earth and are needed for the planet's therapeutic well being and health. There is so much we can learn from them if we simply open our minds.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Press TV.

Source:Iran Based Press TV



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