HAPPY NAADAM to State Property Committee, a service organization of South Gobi Sands Company! But there are few words to say….


Foreigners mock Mongolians as paupers sitting on gold. Like them we wanted to mobilize our gold and become wealthy, so we started utilizing the Oyutolgoi Mine. But we lost it to the notorious gangster in the world Robert Friedland, the founder of Ivanhoe Mines.

Last year the parliament passed a new Law on Concessions. International open bid competition on highway building concession was announced. The law was new so was the concession bid. Then that Mr. Friedland appeared. When this person who has been ignoring international laws and regulations comes up, the Mongolian law becomes difficult to be fully implemented.

Following the approved Concession Law since March 1st, 2010, a legal environment opened up for wealthy companies to invest in the necessary auto road in Mongolia, recover its cost and get income through road toll and then to transfer the road to the state property of Mongolia after few years.

State Property Committee and the Ministry of Road, Transportation and Urban Development jointly announced the open-bid to grant concession with “Build-Use-Transfer” model to build 57 km long paved road in the direction of Nariinsukhait-Shiveekhuren in Gurvantest soum, Umnugobi Province. In the open bid Mongolian company, Monroad Co., Mongolian-Hong Kong Joint Company Channel Gold Limited, and subsidiary company of Mr. Friedland’s Ivanhoe Mines, South Gobi Sands Company participated. The South Gobi Sands went out from the first selection stage for not meeting the bid requirements and the two other companies were selected for the next stage.

After the selection, there was rumor at People’s Party blaming the State Property Committee for removing Mr. Friedland’s company. The South Gobi Sands was not supposed to be eliminated from the first stage. On the contrary, it was expected to win in the bid according to the prior agreement. After it wins the bid, they were believed to raise fund together with Monnis Company and the raised fund was supposed to be used for the next year’s election campaign of People’s Party. It was plotted by Sü.Batbold, Su.Batbold and Ch.Khurelbaatar.

The second round of the open bid was organized in June and according to the law, Monroad as well as Channel Gold Limited Company arrived at the State Property Committee’s Building to submit their materials. However, the officials from the South Gobi Sands that has been expelled from the first stage suddenly burst through and boldly said “we will participate in the competition and will give our materials. Who is the State Property Committee representative? We will talk to him” and openly acted in the open event. This proves that the rumor of Aurag Deposit of People’s Party is true. Then it was completely confirmed by the next action of the Concession Committee—they received the materials of South Gobi Sands Company. However, their materials were incomplete and there was no way left but to expel the South Gobi Sands again from the competition. Their hope failed. However, the Mongolian boy’s dream was not yet to be accomplished and the selection committee, composed of the officials from the State Property Committee and the Committee of National Development and Innovation, expelled the Mongolian Company, Monroad as well as Channel Gold Limited Company and made the whole bid to grant concession ineffective in order to race South Gobi Sands Company one more time. After that the committee announced a new Limited Bid Competition with 15 day period and sent invitation to Monroad Company and Channel Gold Limited Company as well as to subsidiary company of Mr. Robert Friedland’s Ivanhoe Mines, South Gobi Sands that has been eliminated for two times already.

The deadline to received bid proposal is July 18th, the shortlist release date is August 1st, and date to sign on the concession contract is August 15.

I understand that after Naadam Holiday, a procedure to determine whether Mongolian Company Monroad will get the concession rights according to the law or South Gobi Sands of Robert Friedland with “Green visa” from People’s Party that owns 31 exploration licenses and three exploitation licenses in Umnugobi Province.

There is a Mongolian saying that whatever uttered comes true. I wish all of you from the Director of State Property Committee to the bid committee members to have a happy Naadam. You have been celebrating Naadam without any support from Mr. Robert Friedland and hope you will have nice celebration this year as well.

Source: www.news.mn


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